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Our company has been established in 1978, with the sole purpose of supplying quality spare parts and services to our customers.

Initially and until 2008, our company has acted as the sole agent for S.E.M.T. Pielstick in Greece, dealing with a vast clientele of more than 400 vessels equipped with the PIESTICK brand of engines, as well as a large number of Land Applications and installations on Hellenic Navy vessels.

In 2009, following the acquisition and renaming of S.E.M.T. Pielstick we have shifted to exploring new markets, which led us to a close cooperation with JFE Engineering Co LTD in Japan, eventually concluding with an agency agreement for their complete product range and technical services.

Historically, our deep involvement in all kinds of maintenance and repair routines, has enabled us to accumulate knowledge that we are happy to share with our customers, so that their engines can run efficiently and trouble-free. With the provision of technical expertise been the backbone of our organization, we aim to support our customers and are proud to provide one-stop services.

In 2014 , our position in the market and our consistent growth over the last 35 years enabled us to move into a new sector namely Gas Turbine spare parts and services supply.

Our customer base is, genuinely, world-wide. From long-standing customers in Europe, to Cruise ships in the USA, Greek ferry companies, Latin America ferry companies and Power Plants throughout Europe, Latin America and Asia.


Our aim is to provide complete solutions to our customers – focusing on their actual needs – both in terms of commercial and technical efficiency.

Our supply range currently includes spare parts for :

  • OEM and suitable parts for all PIELSTICK engines regardless of the type or engine maker

  • OEM parts for STORK WERKSPOOR – DR0210 | F240 | SW280 | TM410 | TM620

  • OEM parts for Sulzer A/S – A20 | AL20 | A25 | AS25 | AT25 | S20 | S20(u)

  • OEM parts for BOLNES – 190

  • OEM parts for POYAUD – UD150 | UD18 | UD23 | UD25

  • OEM parts for DEUTZ MWM – 1822 | 232 | 234 | 440 | 441 | 444 | 484 | 510 | 500 | 501 | 601 | 602 | 604 | 614B | 616 | 620 | 645

  • OEM parts for DEUTZ KHD – 350 | 358 | 528 | 540 | 545 | 628 | 640 | 816

  • OEM parts for SACM – UD30

  • OEM parts for CREPELLE – CR26 | CR26VDF | SN | SN2 SN3 | SNSRR | PSN | PSNSRR

  • OEM parts for WARTSILA DIESEL – VASA 14 | VASA 24

  • OEM parts for GRANDI MOTORI TRIESTE (GMT) – GMT210 | GMT230 | GMT320 | GMT420

  • Suitable for Siemens SGT600 Gas Turbines

  • Suitable for MAN 48/60 A/B/C engines


In order to achieve maximum efficiency in every aspect of our relation with our customers, our team of specialized engineers is available to undertake the supervision of maintenance works and damage repairs, around the globe.

With credentials beyond any doubt, our engineers are highly skilled and experienced to undertake any task. Our reporting is frequently used for cause of damage determination and our technical expertise is utilized by most major marine and land application users in order to maximize efficiency and cost effectiveness of their installations.


Main Office:
1, Possidonos Ave.
174 55 Alimos
Athens – Greece
Tel : +30 210 9854340
Fax: +30 210 9854345
Email: spares@tradeforce.gr